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According to the New York Times and other outlets, the Nets and Los Angeles Lakers will both have strong interest in Drummond if he reaches a buyout with Cleveland.

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“If you just spend time with your best players, you’re going to lose your locker room pretty quickly,” Malone said. “I’ve never lost our locker room. I think our guys understand who I am. I’m always asking our players, 'You have to come back a better player.' Well, my promise to them is I’m going to try to come back a better coach. It’s not just drawing up a play. It’s also, 'How do I handle adversity? How do I handle when things aren’t going well? What is my body language like? Am I negative all the time? Am I being with the guys, win or lose?' I’ve tried to grow just as I’ve asked all of my players to grow.”Detroit Pistons Design Face Coverings


It’s been an unnatural 12 months for the NBA. The pausing of its season due to COVID-19, then restarting it in the Orlando Bubble, then coming right back a few short weeks later to maximize every dollar to be had was bound to claim some athletic casualties.

The Celtics have two bonafide All-Stars on their roster, a veteran point guard who was an All-Star last season having solid to great play when he can stay on the court, and a rising force in the frontcourt putting up some serious numbers — yet these players can’t seem to get the rest of the team involved. A cursory glance at most of the stat lines produced by the bench confirms this, but it may be a structural problem tied to the team’s roster construction.

Here’s the thing: Green’s antics often work. They certainly did in the second quarter.Los Angeles Lakers Design Face Coverings

Oklahoma City has erred on the side of caution when it comes to injuries this season, preferring to wait a little longer before inserting a player back in the lineup, but the fact that the trade deadline is on Thursday may also play a role in the decision-making.Dallas Mavericks Design Face Coverings

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"It felt good," Ball said of his first game against James, with whom his statistics in the first 20 starts of his career compare favorably. "But not too good, because we didn't get the win."New Orleans Pelicans Design Face Coverings